The Spanish Language program at Root Academy is currently offered as half-day immersion two-three days per week. We anticipate growing the program quickly, so that by Fall 2017 we are offering half-day Spanish immersion Monday through Friday.

Inclusion of second language study enables students to experience different cultures and traditions and to develop an understanding of humanity that creates a dynamic and holistic perspective of the world, aside from the more traditionally understood benefits of second language learning.

Some additional benefits of foreign language immersion:

  • Enhanced levels of meta-linguistic awareness (i.e., knowledge of how language works), which has proven to be important to reading acquisition.
  • Improved performance versus monolingual students on tasks that call for divergent thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving.
  • Additional knowledge and understanding of one’s native language.
  • Greater understanding, tolerance, appreciation and respect for other languages and cultures.​
  • An ability to communicate with other ethnic and cultural groups.

Spanish Language Immersion