frequently asked questions

What makes Root Academy unique?

The goal for Root Academy is to support a wide diversity of students to enjoy and succeed at school. We offer an individualized approach rarely seen in schools, whether public or private. Teachers, staff, parents, and students work collaboratively as a team to ensure that each child is receiving the appropriate care, support, attention, and academic work. A low ratio of students to teachers with additional support staff always on site supports this approach.

What is the schedule of a typical day?

8:30-9:00 Social Skills

9:00-10:00 Language Arts

10:00-10:15 Snack

10:15-10:30 Recess

​10:30-11:15 Martial Arts

11:15-11:30 Music/Library

11:30-11:50 Lunch

11:50-12:20 Recess

​12:20-12:30 Breathing

​12:30-1:00 Spanish

1:00-1:30 Math

​1:30-2:30 Social Studies/Art/Science

2:30-2:45 Computers

2:45-3:00 Listen to Book Read Aloud

​3:00 Dismissal

What benefits do you see from making martial arts the pillar of your school?

Martial arts teaching enables the development of discipline, respect for self and others, perseverance, and empathy, and contributes to physical health. Because martial arts is integrated into the school day, these lessons are more easily transported into the classroom. Special needs children particularly benefit from martial arts training.

How is the progress of the students measured to assure that they are getting the same basics of education as their peers in other schools?

Student progress is evaluated against the national Common Core standards.

Can Root support the academics for a child who needs advanced work?

Several students at Root qualify for HCC or other advanced learning support. Our small size and individualized approach allow us to know where each child is academically and meet their needs on either end.

How does Root handle conflicts between children and disruptive behavior?

At Root, we believe that childhood is the time for students to learn the life skills they need for handling difficult situations with those around them. Conflict resolution skills are actively taught, and students work toward a goal of navigating each conflict peacefully and independently, taking into account the principles of respect for both self and others. 

What are your hopes or visions for the future?

We envision Root Academy as a preschool through high school institution that welcomes a wide diversity of children, whatever they bring to our community. We imagine being located on a large campus with several buildings and a large free-form playground and a functional garden that contributes to the lunch program.